Deluxe Rooms at Vishranti

Post a question on any travel forum on the Internet about resorts in India and you will surely be inundated by a flood of responses. It goes without saying, however, that individual experiences of tourists and vacationers certainly matter especially on some of the prestige forums. One of the reasons why Vishranti Resort and Spa is featured prominently on these platforms as a resort in India every discerning vacationer should visit is because of the incredibly delightful experience we deliver.

Our deluxe rooms, for instance are more spacious than some of the suites at other resorts in India. Plus you have external private spaces too such as verandahs and shaded nooks where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you in all four directions. Want to enjoy a snack or a meal in one of these private areas? Not a problem. Service is for the asking at Vishranti. Our deluxe rooms come with awnings such as:

Combine all this with three mouth-watering meals and two full-course tea breaks daily, complimentary pick-up and drop-off and a whole lot more and you have the trimmings of a heaven-on-earth experience awaiting you. Please click below to check out our various room choices and select the one that fascinates you the most. See for yourself why Vishranti is regarded as one of the finest resorts in India guaranteed to bring you a letter-perfect vacation experience bundled into a lifetime of memories.

Please take a moment to complete our reservation form and allow us to welcome you at Vishranti.

Rooms at Vishranti