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Dear Michael

We hope this email finds you and your staff well. Sorry it has taken a while to get ‘pen to paper!

Before starting this missive, I know that I am at a big disadvantage, compared with the quality of letter writing you have already experienced
from my dear wife ! (she still rubs my nose in it) ! Nevertheless, I shall continue, if only to cause some amusement with an inferior attempt.

Firstly, thank you for such wonderful birthday celebrations at your place. The whole experience was such a surprise.
The welcome at the front door of Vishranti! WOW! Thank you and your staff for a brilliant memory.

Dinner was marvellous, with firstly the cooking demonstration, which was very instructive..and then to cap it all, we got to eat it also!
Then, when we (I) think we can be spoilt no more, you kindly present me with a birthday present….a very nice bottle of Pink Champagne;
and most importantly, we got to meet you Michael. You are very kind. Thank you.

The morning guided walk, followed by breafast with you at your home, was something we also both enjoyed very much.
Hope the seeds are doing well :-) . It’s minus 2 degrees celsius here at night, so there is not a lot happening here garden wise!
It was interesting that many of the plant varieties you discussed, reminded us of our own garden…..but not for now!

Little did Denise and I know, as we crossed the river on the way to Vishranti, what to expect and what lay beyond..
We should have known better! Vishranti is a great retreat and a jewel in the Doon Valley and it was really good to meet you.

Please may we say a BIG thank you to you + your staff who were all very courteous and caring. You are the captain of a great team.
In connection, we have attached some photographs that may be of interest. If you are able to show them to the staff, we would really appreciate that. Thank you.

Incidentally, your chaps were extremely lucky with the cricket recently…….my feeling was that you caught us on a ‘bad day’ :-)
Whatever, it was good that an amicable solution finally resulted and that all pride was maintained, if a little tattered from an England perspective.
May the Gods help us next time…..I am sure we will need it.

Finally, thank you and the staff of Vishranti for a great memories. It would be great to meet with you in future of course and if you are ever in the UK,
please let us know.

Best Wishes to you and your staff.

We hope you have a Great Christmas and New Year.

Steve and Denise Oakman

Had a great time on the resort…Nature has been beautifully blended with the living space and great service…Congratulations

John Abraham ( Bollywood Actor, 2010 )

A memorable day of my life. Thanks for the help. Would love to come again and spend sometime. Thanks Kiran for being there throughout. Best wishes.

M.S. Dhoni ( Catpain, Indian Cricket Team,2010 )

No words to express, how special this place is. Out of this world with lots of Sukoon. Keep it up !

Deepak Vig ( New Delhi )

Staying at Vishranti was a memorable experience and leaving the place is not easy. It’s idyllic surroundings make it a haven of delight.

Jaskiran ( Dehradun )

A truly wonderful experience. The ambiance was perfect – peaceful and the surroundings beautiful ! The staff was polite and extremely helpful. Mr. Kiran was most friendly and helpful. Overall it was a perfect getaway !

Sean & Neepa Reagan ( Mumbai/U.S.A. )

Top class everything as it should be.Excellent food and friendly staff. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Dennis & Vivien Bruen ( Dublin, Ireland )

Just loved the place. It luxurious and great fun to stay in such a beautiful collector’s property.

Deep Pahwa ( Delhi )

I can’t do justice to hospitality and the fun I’ve been shown by the Dalvi clan. Thank you, I have had a fabulous time.

Lilly Peel ( London )

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a lovely and very relaxing visit to this beautiful place. Your were the most amazing hosts.

Jennifer Leonard ( U.S.A. )

Like a rare wine is to be cherished, memories of your hospitality and the charm of your ingenuity shall remain forever treasured in my life.

Raj Kent ( Kenya )

<blockquote style=”font-size: 15px;”>No words to express, how special this place is. <strong>Out of this world</strong> with lots of <strong>Sukoon</strong><em>. Keep it up !</em></blockquote>
<p style=”padding-left: 580px; margin-top: -13px; padding-bottom: 20px;”><strong>Deepak Vig </strong>( New Delhi )</p>